ESS 265
Spring 2005
Instrumentation, Data Processing and Data Analysis in Space Physics
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Lecture Title Handouts
Lecture 7 Access to Data PDF
Lecture 8 Facing Reality PDF
Lecture 9 Error Analysis PDF
Lecture 10 Some Fundamentals of Statistics PDF
Lecture 11 Linear Regression PDF
Lecture 12 Some Fundamentals of Spectral Analysis PDF
Hilbert/Huang Transformation Analysis And Applications PDF
June 2 Solar Wind Interaction with the Moon PDF
Lecture 17 Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations PDF
Lecture 19 Ordinary Differential Equations PDF
Lecture 20 Kinetic Simulations PDF
June 7 Southward to Northward IMF Simulation Study 1: PDF Powerpoint
2: PDF Powerpoint
Other Resources:
 Proceedings from the 7th ISSS
 Data Flow System (DFS) for Windows
 Splash for Windows